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Salvadorian & Latino Products

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Deli y Pan Guaterico
We carry an vast array of Salvadorian, Guatemalan and Latino in general products, including snacks, drinks, candies, groceries and ethnic articles.
Frituras - Duvalin - Sneakers - Takis
Jugos - Dulces - Salsas
Fresh Coffee, species, ice cream, popsicles, piñatas, chewing gums, snacks, ethnic clay jars, tortilla makers, corn leaves, flours, canned products, etc.
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Cafetera Café Fresco
Dulces y Productos Étnicos
Frituras - Zambos - Crujitos - Takis
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Harina Maseca y Sardina_edited.png
Ollas de Barro - Tortileras
Ollitas de Barro
Hojas de Maiz para tamales
Pan en Charola
Café fresco, especias, helados, paletas heladas, piñatas, chicles, papitas fritas, ollitas de barro, tortilleras, hojas de maiz, harinas, productos enlatados, etc.